Empowering Homeless Women in King County with Free Feminine Hygiene Products

Empowering Homeless Women with Free Menstrual Hygiene Products

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We're a Non Profit, Providing Free Menstrual Hygiene Kits to Homeless Women in King County.

With the help of generous donors, we put together menstrual hygiene kits containing all the essentials for a healthy and comfortable period. The kits are distributed to shelters in King County where homeless women can access them for free. 


Your Donations Make it Possible

Your generous donations allow us to buy the menstrual hygiene products we supply in our kits and distribute them to homeless women in King County.


What's In The Kit?

We've spent hours talking to homeless women on the streets of Seattle asking them what they need during their periods. Overwhelmingly, we heard that other free menstrual hygiene kits given to these women in the past only included some of the necessaries, like tampons and pads. Our kit contains tampons and pads, as well as medication for cramps, a hot pad, a guide for menstrual hygiene (The V-Booklet), and an assortment of other essential items.

The kit includes 5 regular flow tampons, 5 heavy flow tampons, 10 pads, the V-Booklet, new underwear, pamprin (for cramps), a hot pad, hand sanitizer, disposable wipes, and a biodegradable disposable bag.


Taking Action

Our goal is not only to supply homeless women with basic feminine hygiene, but to also raise awareness about feminine hygiene and ban the tampon tax.

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If toilet paper is free, then tampons and pads should be free, too.

Feminine hygiene products are expensive, and homeless women often go without pads, tampons and various other items that would help them stay comfortable on their period. Our goal is not only to provide those items to women who need them, but to also raise awareness on the unnecessary taxes placed on those items.


A Menstrual Hygiene Expert

Founder Rachel Gorham is more than qualified to educate women on menstrual hygiene. She's a double board certified women's health provider with over 6 years in clinical practice.

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The V-Booklet

The V-Booklet is a back-to-basics guide to feminine hygiene, and it's included in the menstrual hygiene kits. It has 12 pages of helpful information on how to stay clean, healthy and comfortable on your period.

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